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  • Automatic Creation of Account Numbers for Customers
  • Monitoring of Mobile Bankers
  • Deposits and Withdrawals for customers
  • Interest Calculation of Loans
  • Disbursal of loans both Individual and Group Loans
  • Repayments of Loans
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  • Create Termly bills for students for each Term
  • Easybooks(for Schools) is a robust software suitable for schools from Creche-S.H.S with modules for ;
  • Record fees for students
  • Print Fee statement for students showing fee paid for a particular Term and year
  • Print Fees Arrears for each classroom
  • Enter and print Terminal Reports for student
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  • Fix selling price and cost price for products
  • Enter Cash and Credit Sales
  • Manage Stocks
  • Enter Suppliers/Creditors
  • Customers/Debtors
  • Enter Credit purchases
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